Get the Baila Swag Bag today! 
Included in the bag:
  • Blue Mini stability ball - It will work your entire body and can be used to isolate target areas, improve balance, & correct posture. You can count on it to challenge different muscle groups in a variety of ways in any workout!   
  • Baila Fabric Booty Band - this durable fabric resistance band will work a lot more than just your glutes! It will help you target your inner & outer thighs, core, and will increase the effectiveness of your lower body workouts! 
  • Baila Sliders - lightweight and easy to use anywhere, the sliders guarantee a full body workout standing, from the floor, or both! 
  • Also included is the mesh eco bag which is perfect to carry your swag in when working out on the go, for produce from the farmer’s market, or to put your sunscreen and accessories in for the beach! 
Complete your healthy lifestyle 
with the Baila Swag Bag! 
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